FARINGDON, SN7 7HL. TEL: 01367 241574


Cold Meze/ Starter

Hummous £3.50

Puree of chickpeas with tahine (sesame paste) and lemon juice.


Finely chopped parsley, tomato, mint, option, crushed wheat, lemon juice and olive oil.

Moutbel (Baba Ghanouj)£3.60

Grilled aubergines puree mixed with tahini (sesame paste), garlic and lemon juice

Vine leaves£3.60

Grape leaves filled with rice, herbs and lemon juice cooked in olive oil.


Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, onion, garlic, Mini, green pepper, olive oil topped with Lebanese bread.

Feta cheese salad£3.00

Feta cheese, spring onion and olive oil.


Fried aubergines, tomatoes, onion, chickpeas and spices.


Still Mineral Water Still/Sparkling £1.65

Canned Drinks£1.25

(Coke, Diet Coke, Orange Fanta, 7Up)

Orange, Apple or Cranberry JuiceSm. £1.30/ Large £1.70

Lebanese Coffee£1.80

Mint Tea, Green Tea or Lemon Tea £1.60

Bottle Beers

Al Maza Beer (Lebanese) £2.95  

Stella Artois (330mI)£2.95

Beck's (275m1) £2.50

Wines House

Wine (glass)£4.25

Lebanese Chateau Kefraya £16.99 Red, Mtite, Rose

Chateau Du Liban£13.99


Jack Daniels (25m1) £2.00

Baileys (50m1)  £3.50

Gordon Gin (25mi)  £2.80

Hot Meze/ Starter


Deep fried bean croquette chick peas, garlic and fine herbs served with tahine sauce.

Fatayer £3.60

Past, with spinach, onions Sc lemon juice.

Sambousek Bil-ebneh£3.60

Past,filled with melted cheese

Sambousek Bil-Lahme£3.80

Past,filled with minced lamb, onion & pine nuts


Spicy Lebanese sausages grilled with tomato and onions.


Charcoal grilled chicken wings marinated in garlic and lemon served with garlic sauce.

Batata Hara £3.40

Potato cubes, fresh coriander, peppers, garlic and chilies fried in olive oil.

Halloumi Cheese £4.00

Grilled halloumi, cheese served with fresh salad.

Kibbeh Shameyieh £5.50

Deep-fried lamb meatballs mixed with cracked wheat and onions, filled with sauteed minced meat and onions


Chicken soup£4.75

Chicken, onion, cream and wheat flour

Lentil Soup £3.90

lentils, garlic, cumin, onion served with toasted Lebanese bread

Tomato Soup£3.90

Tomatoes, onion, garlic served with toasted Lebanese bread.

Side Orders

French Fries £2.40

Rice £2.40

Lebanese Bread £0.40


Lebanese Sweets £1.60

Lebanese Ice Cream£1.60


Main Dishes


Charcoal Grilled Vegetables£6.50

Charcoal grilled pepper, mushroom, tomato, courgette and onion served with tahine sauce.

Bam Yeh£6.80

Okra fried in olive oil served with rice

Mujadarah £6.50

Cracked wheat, lentils and fried onion served with yogurt & cucumber

Al Roche special£6.80

Green beans, peas, Pepper, courgette, onion, carrots and cauliflower in spicy tomato sauce

Non Vegetarian

Kastaleta (Lamb Cutlets) £10.50

Succulent lamb cutlets grilled over charcoal served with tomatoes and peppers.

Lahem Meshwi (Grilled lamb) £8.50

Marinated lamb cubes charcoal grilled on skewers.

Mixed Grill £9.50

Charcoal grilled cubes of lamb, chicken breast and ground lamb kafta.

Farrouj Meshwi (Grilled Chicken)£8.50

Charcoal grilled baby chicken served with garlic sauce.

Shawarma £7.50

Grilled chicken slices marinated in vinegar and spices served with garlic sauce.

Shish Taouk (Grilled Chicken) £8.00

Marinated cubes of chicken breast charcoal grilled on skewer served with garlic sauce.

Kafta khash khash £7.80

Charcoal grilled minced lamb mixed with onion and parsley served with spicy tomato sauce.

Kafta kabob £7.50

Charcoal grilled Minced lamb ,nixed with onion and parsley.


Samke Harra Ma'a Taratour £11.00

Baked cod fillet with hot sesame sauce

Samke Harra Ma'a Banadora  £11.00

Baked cod fillet with hot tomato sauce

Sea Bass  £12.00

Grilled sea bass served with tahine sauce (tarator)


If there is a dish that is not currently on our menu, please ask a member of the team who will do their best to try and accommodate it for you.

All our food is freshly prepared on site. If you have any allergies, please inform us at your earliest convenience so we can advise you on your best options.

We cater for all types of events. Whether it's Birthdays, Anniverersaries, Office Meeting or a Wedding. Let us take the stress out of planning your event. 


Hot Beverages

1. Freshly ground filter coffee £1.60/£1.90/£2.35

of the day small/medium/large

2. Cafetiere for one/two £2.20/£4.20

(please choose from selection on display)

3. Cafetiere £4.30/£8.40

of Jamican Blue Mountain for one/two.

4. Cappuccino (Small/Regular/Large) £1.90/£2.20/£2.65

Real espresso with equal amounts of steamed and frothed

milk topped with a sprinkling of chocolate or cinnamon.

5. Flavoured Cappuccino or Latté regular £2.75

Served regular with choice of Vanilla,Coconut Caramel,

Hazelnut or Gingerbread.

6. Latté small/regular/large. £1.90/£2.20/2.65

Espresso with steamed milk and froth on top.

7. Mocchacino small/regular/large £2.05/£2.40/£2.95

A shot of espresso with chocolate and steamed milk.

8. Americano small/regular/large £1.90/£2.20/2.65

A strong coffee made from a stretched espresso

9. Flat White £1.90/£2.20/2.65

steamed milk over an espresso. Similar to Latté but more

coffee to milk.

10. Espresso single/double £1.65/£2.15

11. Macchiato £1.80

Espresso topped with a spot if frothed milk

12. Babyccino 0.95

A fluffy teacup full of cooler, frothy milk without the coffee

for the little ones.

13. Additional shot of coffee £0.65

14. Flavour Shot £0.65

Vanilla, Coconut,Caramel,Hazelnut or Gingerbread.

15. Hot Milk served in medium sized mug £1.70

16. Hot chocolate served in medium sized mug

Plain £2.15

With whipped cream £2.50

With marshmallows 2.50

With whipped cream and marshmallows and flak £3.45

17. House Tea pot for one/two £1.60/£2.95

18. Specialty Tea pot for one/two £1.90/£3.60

Your favourite coffee is also available to buy in the shop as beans or ground to order for your convenience. All drinks are available with full fat, semiskimmed,skimmed or soya milk.

Cold Beverage

Our frappe drinks are ice blended drinks Supreme drinks are with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top

1. Vanilla Frappe/supreme £3.60/ £4.35

2. Vanilla Latté Frappe/supreme £3.90/ £4.65

3. Toffee Frappe/supreme £3.60/ £4.35

4. Iced Coffee £3.45/ £4.20

5. Flavoured Iced coffee with Coconut,Hazelnut, Vanilla/Supreme £3.95/ £4.70

6. Iced blended Mocha/ Supreme £3.45/ £4.20

7. Wiled Berry Frappe £3.20

8. Mango Frappe £3.20

9. Peach Frappe £3.20

10. Strawberry & Banana Fresh Fruit Smoothie £4.20

11. Milkshake £3.20

(Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee) Made

fresh to order with fruit and ice cream

12. Presses £2.20

(Elderflower or Pomegranate & Elderflower)

13. Orange, Apple or Cranberry Fruit Juice £1.30/ £170


14. Still Mineral Water Still/Sparkling £1.65

15. Canned Drinks £1.25

(Coke, Diet Coke, Orange Fanta, 7Up)

16. Cold Milk small/large £1.10/ £1.50

17. Blackcurrant Ribena Fruit Carton

Alcoholic Beverages

Served from 11.00am

  175ml glass 250ml 750cl bottle
Red or White Wine £3.25  £4.25 £11.95

White Wines

1. Point Grigio £11.95

A citrus, fruity overtone with flora aromas. An excellent aperitif.


2. Pinot Grigio Softer than the white, citrus and fruity. Perfect as an aperitif and complements smoked salmon, salad and chicken dishes.

Red Wines

3. Merlot a soft, fruited, easy to drink wine with a lovely  plumy richness.

Champagne Spirits and Liqueurs

Lanson black label NV Whiskey 25ml £2.30

£38.95 Brandy 25ml £3.05

Bottled Beers Vodka 25ml £2.30

Stella Artois

330ml £2.95 Sambuca 25ml £2.50


275ml £2.50 Amaretto £25ml


Kronenbourg 1664

275ml £2.50 Jack Daniels 25ml £2

Baileys 50ml £3.50


Strongbow Gordons Gin 25ml £2.80

4. Coffee liqueurs

Your favourite spirit in a coffee an an after dinner treat. Add £0.95 to the spirit price

All prices are inclusive of VAT


1. Full English Breakfast £6.55

(1 fried egg, 1 sausage, 1 bacon rasher, baked beans, mushrooms tomato and toast with house tea or a small filter coffee)

2. Fuller English Breakfast £8.20

(2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon rashers, baked beans, mushrooms tomato and toast with house tea or a small filter coffee)

3. The Fullest English Breakfast £9.95

(3fried eggs, 3 sausages, 3 bacon rashers, baked beans, mushrooms tomato and toast with house tea or a small filter coffee)

4. The Vegetarian Breakfast £6.85

(Veggie sausage, veggie bacon, fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast with house tea or a small filter coffee

5. BLT hot bacon, lettuce and tomato baguette £5.95

6. Bacon Sandwich £3.95

7. Sausage Sandwich £4.25

8. Sausage, Bacon and Fried egg Triple Decker £6.45

9. Scrambled Eggs £4.40

on Toast served with cherry tomatoes

10. 2 Fried Eggs on Toast £3.95

11. Beans on toast/with grated cheese £3.95/4.85

12. 2 slices of Toast £1.60/ £1.95

with butter/strawberry jam


1. Soup of the Day £4.35

Served with a freshly backed, warm, crusty baguette

2. Quarter pounder Bacon Cheeseburger and Chips £8.75

100% steak mince. Made on the premises, served in a salad bun with bacon and grated cheese with chips

3. Chilli Burger and Chips £7.85

100% steak mince, made on premises with fresh chilli, seasoning, served in a bun with chips

4. Ploughman platter £8.20

Served on a traditional slate, with salad, pickles apples, freshly backed warm crusty baguette with a selection of ham, cheddar and Stilton

5. Warm Chicken Salad £7.25

Pan fried with mushrooms and red onion served on a bed of mixed leaves and Balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

6. Scampi and Chips £7.95

Whole tail scampi served with chips, lemon and tartare sauce

7. 2 Sausages, beans and Chips £6.65

8. Ham, 2 Eggs and Chips £6.95

9. BLT hot bacon, lettuce and tomato baguette £5.95

10. Bacon Sandwich £3.95

11. Sausage Sandwich £4.25

12. Beans on Toast/ with grated Cheese £3.95/ £4.85

13. 2 fried Eggs on Toast £3.95

All food are freshly cooked and prepared to order so please allow time for us to provide for you, a quality, fresh meal or snack. Therefore during busy periods a delay may accur. Individual requests may be created for at an additional charge and are subject to availability.

Please just ask All prices are inclusive of VAT

Sandwiches, Toasties, Baguettes and Paninies

Sandwiches/Toasties served on choice of white or granary bread. Paninis and Baguettes served white and warm with salad and crisps on the side. Gluten free bread and dairy free spread is also available.please ask at the time of ordering.


Cheddar Cheese £2.75 £3.45 £3.65 £ 3.65

Cheddar Cheese & Coleslaw £3.25 £4.00 £4.20 £4.20

Stilton and Apple £3.25 £4.00 £4.15 £4.15

Stilton and tomato £3.25 £4.00 £4.15 £4.15

Brie and Walnut £3.25 £4.00 £4.15 £4.15

Brie,Apple and Grape £3.75 £4.45 £4.65 £4.65

Brie and Bacon £4.70 £5.40 £5.60 £5.60

Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Sauce £5.20 £5.90 £6.10 £6.10

Ham, locally produced £3.40 £4.15 £4.30 £4.30

Ham and Coleslaw £3.90 £4.40 £4.60 £4.60

Ham and Cheese £3.20 £4.70 £4.85 £4.85

Stilton and Ham £3.95 £5.05 £5.20 £5.20

Tuna Mayonnaise £4.30 £4.10 £4.25 £4.25

Tuna mayonnaise and Cheese £3.70 £4.30 £4.60 £4.60

Egg mayonnaise £3.80 £4.50 £4.70 £4.70

Egg mayonnaise with salad £4.50 £5.25 £5.40 £5.40

S= Sandwich B=Baguette P= Panini T=Toastie

All foods are freshly cooked and prepared to order so please allow time for us to provide for you, a quality, fresh meal or snack. Therefore during busy periods a short delay may occur.

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Jacket Potatoes

Served with salad on the side

1. Plain Jacket with butter £4.64

2. Backed Beans £5.35

3. Coleslaw £5.35

4. Cheese £6.10

5. Cheese and Coleslaw £6.40

6. Cheese and Beans £6.80

7. Tuna Mayonnaise £6.30

8. Chilli con Carne made with 100% steak mince £6.80

9. Chilli con £7.65

Carne with cheese made with 100% steak mince

10. Ham and Coleslaw £7.20

11. Ham and Cheese £7.45

Side Orders

1. Salad Bowl £2.95

2. Chips £3.45

3. Cheesy Potato Chips £4.65

a bowl of potato chips deep fried and covered in melted cheese

4. Coleslaw £1.60

Children’s Meals

For children under 12 years of age

1. Cheesy Beans on Toast £2.85

2. Sausage, Beans and Chips £3.45

3. Burger and Chips £3.65

home made 100% beef! served in bun

All foods are freshly cooked and prepared to order so please allow time for us to provide for you, a quality, fresh meal or snack. Therefore during busy periods a delay may occur. Individual requests may be catered for at an additional charge and are subject to availability. Please just ask. All prices are inclusive of VAT

Home Made Cakes

All cakes are freshly made on the premises

1. Lemon Sponge £2.65

a zingy delight, made with fresh lemons

2. Belgian Chocolate Cake £2.90

a yummy Belgian chocolate delight

3. Victoria Sponge £2.65

the traditional sponge with butter cream and raspberry jam filling

4. Carrot and Walnut £2.65

lovely and moist filled with an abundance of chopped walnuts

5. Carrot and Ginger £2.65

a lovely warm ginger cake without being too hot

6. Apple cake £2.65

bramley apple, sultana and cinnamon sponge, a popular alternative to apple pie

7. Banana Cake £2.65

banana and nutmeg spice, not to be given the slip!

8. Coconut and Mango £2.80

a nutty and fruity popular favourite

9. Coffee Cake £2.65

topped with walnuts, a true coffee experience

10. Apricot Flapjack £2.30

our flour & dairy free offering, apricot sandwich between oats and golden syrup

11. Coconut and Lime Macaroon £1.75

Desiccated coconut and zingy lime, dairy, gluten and wheat free

12. Chocolate Brownie served warm with cream £2.45

Made with Belgian chocolate, sticky and warm, for the chocoholic

13. Scone with butter/jam/jam

and clotted cream £1.45/£1.85/£2.95 Freshly made on the premises, best with strawberry jam and clotted cream

14. Shortbread £1.80

a large buttery biscuit

15. Toasted Teacake, served with strawberry jam £2.20

a fruity bun, toasted to suit

16. Ice cream £1.60/£2.60/£3.60

Cone/two scoop bowl/three scoop bowl

17. Ginger Bread Man

The Faringdon Coffee House


an English Tradition

due to popularity, served all day

Single Scone Cream Tea

1 freshly made scone served with butter, jam, clotted

cream served with a pot of house tea

or if you’d prefer, a small filter coffee of the day


The Faringdon Coffee House Cream Tea for Two

4 fresh made scones served warm with butter, jam,

clotted cream and a pot of house tea for two

Or filter coffees of the day


All of our home made cakes are also

available to have as individual slices or

specially priced whole cakes to take away

Fast Food

Situated in the historical town of Faringdon in Oxfordshire, the aptly named FARINGDON COFFEE HOUSE & AL ROCHE LEBANESE RESTAURANT is the perfect spot to stop at if you are looking to unwind, chat with friends and sample some of our delicious food and drink.

You will find Faringdon lying in the Vale of the White Horse which is just half an hour’s drive from Oxford. A pretty small market town, it nestles between the two rivers of the Thamesand the Ock. Choose to sit in a quiet corner and savour the surroundings or maybe you would like to be seated in the main coffee shop area where you can sit and watch the world and its people go by. You will find us the perfect meeting place or rendezvous for that long awaited catch-up with a friend or even work related meetings that call for something a little extra special and out of the ordinary.

Our décor is warm and inviting and the atmosphere eclectic and buzzing with life. While you are browsing our extensive menu, sit and soak up the ambience along with the many sights, sounds and aromas that come from a range of food thatis simply mouth-wateringly delectable. The range is made that little bit extra special by the addition of our Lebanese food which complements our teas, coffees and scrumptious mix of homemade cakes and cookies.

Our Lebanese food
Think about Lebanese food and it brings to mind a rich and colourful menu which reflects perfectly and warmth andhospitableness of all that is Lebanese. Our mix of food is unique as we have managed to bring together the gentility of the English tea shop with the richness and vibrancy of theLebanese food which has its roots in faraway shores.

Whether you opt for English or Lebanese, a food delivery to your door or even a mix of both, we look forward to seeing you to share in our luscious lunches, tantalising teas and cakes and pastries that you just cannot say no to.
All of food is freshly prepared and nothing is too much trouble for our team of welcoming staff. We look forward to serving you with our delightful cuisinesoon.

You can also find us on TRIP ADVISOR!

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