At FARINGDON COFFEE HOUSE & AL ROCHE LEBANESE RESTAURANT we are all about food, drink and people. Added to this, we have one simple mission and that is to provide our customers with the very best service andcuisine possible. For us it’s all about getting the mix right. We already have a superb location, ensconced in the prettiest of market towns, but even this is not enough unless the ambience, atmosphere and servings of the coffee house are outstanding. This is where we excel as we have worked hard to entwineall that makes up one of the best places to converge, eat and drink in the area.

People like us We are passionate about what we do and it shows. We pride ourselves in Alwaysgoing the extra mile to delight our visitors. Ourteamis made up of likeminded individuals who love what they do. Whether we are cooking, cleaning or serving; nothing else makes us happier than seeing our customer enjoy what we do. It is this delightful capacity of enjoyment which lends itself to both the makeup and the ambient surroundings of the establishment. If you visit us just once, we want you to come back for more and will do everything just right to make sure that you do!

Food like ours Whether you are sharing a coffee with loved ones, indulging in one of your favorite tea-time treats or allowing yourself to be pampered with some delectable Lebanese dishes, one visit can never be enough. We want to be your favourite pop-in spot, luncheon destination or delectable dine-in no matter the time of day or who you are with. Always freshly prepared and using only the best ingredients, you will find many of your old-time favourites combined with some lush new dishes which coax and tempt you to indulge. We also provide takeaway food which can be collected or delivered to your door. Not all coffee houses are the same and we certainly don’t fit into the usual category. Our aim is to inspire and delight, so come and dine with us now. You know you deserve it.